ERS course on Interstitial Lung Diseases



Termín: 3. až 5. dubna 2014
Místo: neuvedeno

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Heidelberg, Germany

This course will demonstrate how to diagnose ILDs correctly and will highlight the limitations and pitfalls of the different approaches. It will examine the current standards of ILD treatment, its challenges and identify promising new developments within this topic area. Participants will be able to discuss their own patient cases with an interdisciplinary ILD board. Bursary deadline 17 January 2014 Early bird registration deadline 10 January 2014 Topics covered during the course include:

  • Overview on different ILDs
  • Diagnostic procedures in ILDs (including modern bronchoscopic techniques, HR-CT, pathology, pulmonary function testing)
  • Novel and future therapies
  • Basic research in ILD and its implications
  • Significant comorbidities in ILDs
Target audience: Pulmonologists in training, radiologist specialised in thoracic imaging, pathologists specialised in thoracic pathology. REGISTER: